Is Frash Worth the Time to Install?

Frash is an interesting turn on the act of jail breaking an iPhone or an iPad. What the third party tool, Frash, offers is the ability to run Adobe Flash technology on popular Apple devices. While Frash has quite a few things going for it, the downsides so far seem to outweigh any advantages. First of all, just to install Frash the device needs to be jailbroken, secondly it is not an app. This of course means there is a little bit of work just to download and install the software. However, since many folks attempting the installation of Frash are likely some tech savvy individuals Frash may stay around for a bit, at least until the people of Apple figure out how to block it with a Safari update.

While Frash seems to work fine as a Flash replacement on several websites, things like games and streaming video generally result in a browser crash or another type of error message. In fact, anyone who decides to install Frash should expect a fair amount of crashes and errors. Of course, it is not the developer’s fault, because many of the sites are set up to detect if they are being visited by an iPad or iPhone and flat out will not load. To say that Frash works sporadically would be fair, but the software also seems to be extremely temperamental. Still, as a Flash replacement on these devices it does what it can. Frash is not advertised as an instant fix, nor should anyone expect it to be. The folks atCnet did a great job playing around with it, and came to similar conclusions.

Since Apple actually supporting Flash technology could have avoided the whole need for Frash, one has to wonder how long Apple will continue to wait on the sidelines. What the folks at Frash need to get the technology working properly is time and funding. Since it is unlikely that Apple will grant them the time to get things fixed, as they have already distributed a patch to prevent it from working through the browser, and the funding will not likely be made available anytime soon, unless there is a dire need to see a few different Flash websites, users should likely not bother until a better alternative is available. While the results are impressive when they work, only the most hardcore of iPhone or iPad users are likely to take the steps necessary to get the software installed, let alone give it the time to work properly.

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