Do’s and Don’ts of SimCity BuildIt

SimCity BuildIt, the game from Maxis, is entirely about managing your city. With many features connected with building the city, a new player can learn a few basic tips on what to do and what not to do, so that you can avoid a few mistakes and choose to do some strategic planning for your new city.

  1. Planned City

When you start building your city, you should have proper planning. Do not construct highways and large areas, in the very beginning of the game. As the city extends, you will need some intersections at important junctions and you will not have enough space to expand, later in the game. In such situations you will have to demolish some buildings which will be more costly. You can start your city planning, with minimum number of streets, with intersections.

  1. Provision for Expansion

It is best to start building your new city from a corner or from the middle of the area allotted. This will provide you with ample space for expansion. You can plan your city in any shape, but it is more convenient and economical to follow, rectangular or square patches, so that the roads and maps can be easily reached and there is ample space for transport, without any traffic jams. You can also have large avenues with roads branching off from it.

  1. Clean City

You will have to keep the city clean. Unwanted buildings should be demolished and debris should be constantly removed. This will help in expansion of cities and remove unnecessary buildings. It will also provide enough space for construction of new buildings. You can also consider change of area, if you like it.

  1. Pollution Free

The city should facilitate transport. As the city expands, the usage of cars will also increase. This will increase traffic jams and pollution. To decrease traffic jams and pollution, you can increase the number of public transport. This will also solve the pollution problem, by a decrease in the number of cars used. With good intersections, traffic can be controlled. Similarly, at important intersections, bridges can be built to regulate traffic and avoid congestions. Traffic jams and pollution are essential factors that the Sims are most particular about. If these are regulated, the Sims are happy. If they are not controlled, the Sim citizens show their discomfort, by moving out of the city. Only if the citizens are happy, they will remain in the cities and pay taxes, which is essential to meet the expenses of the city.

  1. Public Transport

Public transport can be provided by increasing the number of buses and bus stops. Bus stops are inexpensive and Sims are happy with such public transport. As the city expands, you can increase the number of bus transports and increase the number of buses. With further expansion, you can put in train stations and tram stops. You can then proceed to include a ferry and a local airport. But each type of transport should be gradually introduced into the city, only with a parallel expansion in the city. As each type of transport requires investment, the mayor has to raise enough resources to provide each facility.

  1. Activities

Outdoor activities can be provided for. They are much cheaper to provide and keep the citizens happy. Parks help to improve the environment, while sports areas are preferred by children to play and to spend their leisure time through outdoor activities.

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