Hay Day- the most preferred game by individuals of all age group!

Want to increase your ranking on hay day? Then use these effective tips

Technology and mobile gaming have definitely enhanced the people’s engagement with the virtual world. Moreover, they have completely transformed the ways we have interpreted the online games and another platform. On one hand, where people consider some action-packed, horror, mystery, war and killing spree games as harmful, on the other hand, we have got certain games like hay day which can let you in several resources and enlighten up your mind with eth attractive gaming options and various challenging levels. Hay day is a farm-based game in which, the individual player has to undergo a complete process of growing and cultivating crops in the given field. Read further and know more about the game!

The basic gameplay of hay day

The fame of hay day is so prolific that I don’t consider explaining its plot much. However, as already mentioned above, the game is based on farm activities where the owner of this farm will lend over the field to you, and you need to cultivate it and earn money through it. Within the world of the game, you learn several ways through which you can grow more groups, can sell them and get the desired resources.

So, how to advance in the game?

Well, the only answer to this question is resources. The game is largely based on the theory of earning more diamonds and coins which not only boost up your performance but also provide you with experience points at each advancing level. However, to cross a level, you need to get the various crops which are specifically unlocked at different stages of the game. You also have to gather and grow field crops, like bananas, bushes and the fruit trees. The players can also buy various farm animals like pet animals or can also learn how to catch various aquatic animals like fishes, lobsters or ducks. You can eventually expand your farm in the later stages.

Learn some tricks to play hay day in the best way

Plant wheat and make money fast- well, this is an unbeatable fact that we all play the game to gain more coins and advance in the game. But doing this definitely needs a lot of concentration and sharp-mindedness in the hay day. Planting wheat is one of those ways which can let you earn more within no time. In the whole game, all you must do is plant the wheat crops, let them grow and sell them as far as possible. This is the most effective and efficient way of earning more money within less time.

Grab the available diamonds by using a hay day hack 2018– we all know that the game of hay day cannot be played easily without the use of coins. However, diamonds; both in the virtual and

real world are much better than the coins. Always stay alert and check out the available quests within the game. You will definitely buy the sacks o diamond through the in-app purchases. However, there are several other free alternatives through which you can earn them without paying extra.

Wait for better offers– there are several times when you may experience the presence of a lot of customers who are willing to buy products from you. However, you must behave here, like you would have done in real life and should wait for the apt deal. Unless a great customer with a huge price for the good approaches you, you must not sell any of your crops or products to them. This is because; your sale is the only way to which you earn benefits and a good position in the further levels.

Thus for all those, who cannot reach up to the desired levels, playing with these tricks can let you avail suitable benefits in hay day within no time.

Do’s and Don’ts of SimCity BuildIt

SimCity BuildIt, the game from Maxis, is entirely about managing your city. With many features connected with building the city, a new player can learn a few basic tips on what to do and what not to do, so that you can avoid a few mistakes and choose to do some strategic planning for your new city.

  1. Planned City

When you start building your city, you should have proper planning. Do not construct highways and large areas, in the very beginning of the game. As the city extends, you will need some intersections at important junctions and you will not have enough space to expand, later in the game. In such situations you will have to demolish some buildings which will be more costly. You can start your city planning, with minimum number of streets, with intersections.

  1. Provision for Expansion

It is best to start building your new city from a corner or from the middle of the area allotted. This will provide you with ample space for expansion. You can plan your city in any shape, but it is more convenient and economical to follow, rectangular or square patches, so that the roads and maps can be easily reached and there is ample space for transport, without any traffic jams. You can also have large avenues with roads branching off from it.

  1. Clean City

You will have to keep the city clean. Unwanted buildings should be demolished and debris should be constantly removed. This will help in expansion of cities and remove unnecessary buildings. It will also provide enough space for construction of new buildings. You can also consider change of area, if you like it.

  1. Pollution Free

The city should facilitate transport. As the city expands, the usage of cars will also increase. This will increase traffic jams and pollution. To decrease traffic jams and pollution, you can increase the number of public transport. This will also solve the pollution problem, by a decrease in the number of cars used. With good intersections, traffic can be controlled. Similarly, at important intersections, bridges can be built to regulate traffic and avoid congestions. Traffic jams and pollution are essential factors that the Sims are most particular about. If these are regulated, the Sims are happy. If they are not controlled, the Sim citizens show their discomfort, by moving out of the city. Only if the citizens are happy, they will remain in the cities and pay taxes, which is essential to meet the expenses of the city.

  1. Public Transport

Public transport can be provided by increasing the number of buses and bus stops. Bus stops are inexpensive and Sims are happy with such public transport. As the city expands, you can increase the number of bus transports and increase the number of buses. With further expansion, you can put in train stations and tram stops. You can then proceed to include a ferry and a local airport. But each type of transport should be gradually introduced into the city, only with a parallel expansion in the city. As each type of transport requires investment, the mayor has to raise enough resources to provide each facility.

  1. Activities

Outdoor activities can be provided for. They are much cheaper to provide and keep the citizens happy. Parks help to improve the environment, while sports areas are preferred by children to play and to spend their leisure time through outdoor activities.

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Review of Too Human for Xbox 360

Too Human, by Silicon Knights and Microsoft, has been in development for over 10 years now, and was finally released on Tuesday, August 19, 2008. The time put into the different aspects of this game really show. Having a game system, such as the Xbox 360, that could finally meet their needs for the game, it was released at long last.
Too Human centers around Baldur, one of the Norse gods. The story takes place in a future that is ruled by both Norse mythology and technology. Humans are being hunted by machines that the gods have waged a war on. The graphics are stunning overall, occasionally having a minor glitch here and there, but this is to be expected, especially in a game where your appearance in cut-scenes changes due to what you are wearing.

One of the first things I noticed when playing Too Human was the lack of cut-scenes. At first, I simply thought that the initially loading time was short, or I just hadn’t been paying attention. As I realized that I wasn’t seeing any real load times (they are there, they are just hardly noticeable), I found myself hoping that after every mission, that there wouldn’t be a loading screen. I kept hoping that I there really weren’t any load times. I am pleased to say that my hopes were answered, and I couldn’t be happier. Hopefully, many more developers will take a note from this and implement it themselves.

The biggest problem I had with Too Human was the camera angle, which could be finicky at times. That being said, camera control was sacrificed to use some revolutionary new control mechanics, in which your sword control is linked to the right analog stick on the controller, giving you the ability to switch targets efficiently and effectively. Camera angles plague many a game, and while it hurts Too Human a bit, I got over it. In other words, it won’t ruin the game, and at most will be a minor annoyance.

Another noticeable flaw about Too Human is its skimpy soundtrack. Games like Halo make masterful use of music to carry the player along with the mood of the game. Many points in Too Human feel as though they were made for music, but it was simply forgotten. Most of the time, playing the game, I typically used my own soundtrack, as I felt the lack of music was too distracting. Such a beautiful game should have had a powerful soundtrack, but this doesn’t mean that Too Human falls short by any means.

Too Human deals with political and spiritual matters, giving it a powerful and gripping storyline. I believe this game is a must-play, if nothing else, because thing should only get better from here. You see, Too Human is the first in a trilogy of games. I can’t wait to see what they have to offer in the next installment.

Achievement Review

There are a LOT of secret achievements in Too Human, but this has served to make the game even more rewarding. The achievements are spaced out enough that you get them every so often, maybe not for many points, but a subtle pat on the back to say the least. I don’t want to ruin this one for you, so I won’t give any further details.

A Preview of Epic Game’s Bulletstorm

Since the early previews presented by notable gaming networks, IGN Entertainment and X-play, Bulletstorm has become one of the most anticipated games for the 2011 year. Electronic Arts published this ravaging first person shooter and was developed by Epic Games and People Can Fly. Created for the PS3, XBOX 360, and PC, this game has been given a release date on February 22: and gamers couldn’t be more giddy for its release.
So here’s the story: you take on the role of Grayson Hunt, a member of an elite group of killer mercenaries known as Dead Echo who aid in protecting a confederation on a distant planet. You are forced into exile after betraying the ‘ole squad commander in learning that you have been taking part of duties of entirely wrong proportions. This is the grueling part of gaming you love in first person shooters, where you fight tireless enemies on a futuristic utopia in the far reaches of the galaxy.

Of course the developers of this game couldn’t simply stop improving at JUST the storyline, but they also packed the gameplay with tons of awesome, mind-blowing features as well. The weapons and combat moves are dubbed bombastic and outrageously huge, but the game also features one distinguished perk called “skillshots.” Every player gets rewarded whenever they attack creatively and as destructively as possible. That way they are able to gain points, upgrade their character, and unlock new weapons that only heighten the strength of your skillshots even more. Once you keep dealing impressive blows to the enemy, you finally ‘max out.’ In other words, your skillshot become so lethal, you are now able to kill with one shot.

The demo will be released for the Xbox 360 on January 25 and for the PS3 on January 26, but developers have made a questionable error in not making a demo available to PC users. Also, Epic Games has announced that Epic Edition will be available to the Xbox 360, which is a limited edition Bulletstorm. Not only does it include bonus in-game content (online only), but it also contains visual upgrades for the energy leash, amazing accessories for your character, 25,000 experience points, and even an access to the multiplayer beta of Gears of War 3 (Fall 2011).

Rated 18 by PEGI, MA15+ by the ACB, and M by the ESRB, Bulletstorm may be something your FPS skills need for a nice little touch up. Don’t even hesitate on buying it February 22, because it’s way too much of a guilty pleasure to stay away from. Not to mention the graphics, sound, and overall manifestation, praised by critics everywhere, will calm your insatiable cravings for a game coming out in the new 2011 year.

Enjoy and happy gaming from Charlie!

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Generate unlimited gems, coins and elixirs through CoC hack

CoC is nothing but the Clash of Clans mobile based video game which is currently available on the Apple Appstore and Google Playstore. When you have Windows or Android smart phones and tables, you can go to the Playstore to download and install it on your device. If the individuals are the iPhone or iPad users, you can go for the Appstore to get this clash of clans game. It is the known fact that the Supercell is a leading and preeminent type of mobile game development company which has been frequently releasing the several numbers of creative video games to entertain the mobile device users. By this way, it has released the clash of clans video game in the year 2012 and later update in 2013 with the latest features.

Importance of gaming resources:

When it comes to the clash of clans game, it has the most excellent, interesting and stunning type of game features along with the impressive gaming environment. For each and every stage of its game play, the players are in need of having extensive amounts of significant gaming resources such as elixir, gold and gems. The importance of such three resources in the clash of clans game is really huge in building the troop, training the troop members, attacking the enemies, unlocking the weapons and a lot of other fighting features. In order to earn more amounts of such resources to your account, you can choose Clash of Clans Hack – Get Free Gems from the web platform.

  • The gems are nothing but the coins you can have for building the defenses and give maximum protection to your players from the opponent team.
  • The gold in your clash of clans account will also have the same purpose to give the higher protection to the members in your troop.
  • There are two more types of significant resources such as elixir and dark elixir which can be used to train and also upgrade the spells and troops.

Using clash of clans hack online:

Whenever the clash of clans game players are in need of getting infinite numbers of resources like gold, gems and elixir, it is always advisable to make use of the best and reliable hack tool available now at the online platforms. There are so many numbers of websites available with the excellent clash of clans game hack generator which has the latest updated features. Through these hack generators, the gamers can surely able to earn,

  • Unlimited gold
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  • Unlimited elixir and dark elixir

Once you have finished the hacking process, the generator will directly add the generated elixir, gold and gems resources on your clash of clans gaming account. The players can just take such resources from your account for the various purposes like building the strong and effective troops, building defenses to protect your troop members, build your own city with the existing clans, upgrades your building, spells and also troops.

Most of the people are now truly crazy about using the hack tool for their clash of clans game play to instantly add desired amounts of gaming resources to their account. With this increasing demand, everyone can surely able to find the various numbers of clash of clans hack generators on the web platform but not all of them are legal and licensed to provide your original resources. This is why it is truly important to properly check the license and authenticity of the hack tool which you have selected for the successful generation of the original gems, gold and elixir for your clash of clans game play