Bullet Force: How Does the Game Measure Up?

This multiplayer, free to play the game is certainly aesthetically pleasing. Bullet force was essentially made by one person and while that is commendable, the real fact remains that it is awkward to play on mobile because of shoddy controls. We are going to expand on that latter.

If bullet force could be compared with something, it would be Call of Duty because just like CoD, the entire game has a modern military aesthetic which also allows for the ability to sprint along while having a button which can be used to aim down the sights of the weapon.

Since bullet force is a free to play the game so it doesn’t gatekeep the number of matches, players are allowed to play on a per day basis. On the contrary, new items like Camo, guns, and grenades are all available to be bought using ingame currency like bullet force gold and credits. While players may feel pushed into a corner with very few options when they begin playing the game, but churning out the needed currency doesn’t take too long. Either way, there is always the option of paying with realworld money to speed the proceedings along.

While the controls of the game are standard, but it is really hard to control the game due to issues with the touch interface when actions like jumping, reloading, crouching, firing, aiming, throwing grenades and using melee attacks on the opponent are carried out. It feels cumbersome and to make matters worse, there are no options on how to customize the game controls at all.

Bullet force is a game which looks amazing on paper and in screenshots taken by players, but considering all the factors it isn’t a good game to play even though the free to play model is lucrative.

Here are some ways the game can be improved upon:

The game should get some customizable game controls because, without this backbone, the game isn’t going to able to capture a market easily at all.

The visuals should get updated

Adding more game modes will give the game more depth, as will adding more locations.

In short, bullet force is a game for people who are either huge fans of the first person shooter game and just have to play every game out there or are extremely bored with little memory space in their phones. Otherwise, go for a better option is highly recommended.