A Preview of Epic Game’s Bulletstorm

Since the early previews presented by notable gaming networks, IGN Entertainment and X-play, Bulletstorm has become one of the most anticipated games for the 2011 year. Electronic Arts published this ravaging first person shooter and was developed by Epic Games and People Can Fly. Created for the PS3, XBOX 360, and PC, this game has been given a release date on February 22: and gamers couldn’t be more giddy for its release.
So here’s the story: you take on the role of Grayson Hunt, a member of an elite group of killer mercenaries known as Dead Echo who aid in protecting a confederation on a distant planet. You are forced into exile after betraying the ‘ole squad commander in learning that you have been taking part of duties of entirely wrong proportions. This is the grueling part of gaming you love in first person shooters, where you fight tireless enemies on a futuristic utopia in the far reaches of the galaxy.

Of course the developers of this game couldn’t simply stop improving at JUST the storyline, but they also packed the gameplay with tons of awesome, mind-blowing features as well. The weapons and combat moves are dubbed bombastic and outrageously huge, but the game also features one distinguished perk called “skillshots.” Every player gets rewarded whenever they attack creatively and as destructively as possible. That way they are able to gain points, upgrade their character, and unlock new weapons that only heighten the strength of your skillshots even more. Once you keep dealing impressive blows to the enemy, you finally ‘max out.’ In other words, your skillshot become so lethal, you are now able to kill with one shot.

The demo will be released for the Xbox 360 on January 25 and for the PS3 on January 26, but developers have made a questionable error in not making a demo available to PC users. Also, Epic Games has announced that Epic Edition will be available to the Xbox 360, which is a limited edition Bulletstorm. Not only does it include bonus in-game content (online only), but it also contains visual upgrades for the energy leash, amazing accessories for your character, 25,000 experience points, and even an access to the multiplayer beta of Gears of War 3 (Fall 2011).

Rated 18 by PEGI, MA15+ by the ACB, and M by the ESRB, Bulletstorm may be something your FPS skills need for a nice little touch up. Don’t even hesitate on buying it February 22, because it’s way too much of a guilty pleasure to stay away from. Not to mention the graphics, sound, and overall manifestation, praised by critics everywhere, will calm your insatiable cravings for a game coming out in the new 2011 year.

Enjoy and happy gaming from Charlie!

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